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Apr. 14th, 2011 | 09:50 am
posted by: nakeddementia in shihtzuluv

been a member on here, but i neglect to post. i've had my shih-tzu since he was only a few months old. he's now 10, but seems to think he's still about 4. his name is "Wikkit" after the ewok :)
i work with animals for a living, and Wikkit gets to walk to work with me every day.

Wikkit monster-dog has been known as "MuddyPaw Filthbeast" or "Sir Shaggy Stench" for the last week or so. his fur is getting kinda long. i am going to get him groomed soon.
he's been coming to work with me as usual, but lately i spend more time behind the desk being all manager-like so i've been letting him hang out behind the desk with me.
it's helping the both of us get through these double shifts. he is really happy to be right next to me and getting attention, and he makes me laugh- so it's a good deal.


MuddyPaw Filthbest LOVES pig ears. they are apparently the best thing in his little canine culinary existence.


this was yesterday morning. the pig ear is under his paw. he spent a few minutes standing on it, wagging his tail, and waving is open mouth around making panting growly sounds. i was laughing at this so hard, i barely got the picture.

this morning i offered him a braid of tendons. variety is fun. and it's a larger, more expensive treat... after a good solid 5 minutes of Sir Shaggy laying on the floor, growling and staring expectantly at me, i switched the tendon braid out for a new pig ear.... Filthbeast is now happily, and loudly, crunching away at the new prize.

lastly here's a photo of him on the way to work. that's what the neighborhood i live in looks like. we have cherry trees :) and the grounds are kept very nice for an apartment complex i think.
enjoying the new spring weather


that's all :) more photos after Mr. MuddyPaw gets his hair cut. i may groom him myself to save on money. not that i'm all that adept at such things, but at least i know that he will forgive me for the price of a pig ear!

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(no subject)

from: rhiannon_ruby
date: Apr. 14th, 2011 04:03 pm (UTC)

Hi Wikkit!

I wish I could take Buster to work with me also. :(

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